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  • If you are not able to become a professional trader after learning from us and practicing with us, be sure you are unfit for the stock market at for next 10 years, if you are not able to make money with JS Educare coaching, then you will not able to make money with anyone else.
  • We have only one course, and in that single course we cover the every principle. A participant need not to trade with an institutional trader to make money giving a huge amount fee, but our course will cover how, where & when an institutional traders trade.
  • We teach world class Technical Analysis course for stock market traders. No matter in which segment you are trading or in which market, it may be in Indian market or may be abroad market, our theory is applicable in everywhere.
  • We are committed with our students to make professional trader. And therefore we do offer them free practice (Online) once in a week for next 6 months after completing the course.

Instructor Profile

NarendraNath Das
Technical Research Analyst

Having experience more than twelve years in capital market, as an employee journey began in 2004 as a dealer at BMA Wealth Creators Pvt Ltd and ended as Technical Research Analyst at DBFS in 2013. He has experiences to handle big portfolio. He is also a Co-Founder of "Advisory Desk" Chief Technical Analysis Research Course instructor in Dronakul and a professional trader himself.

Technical Course

It Includes Basic, Advance & Expert Level for Intraday Trading or Positional Trading in Equity,Derivatives(F&O), Commodity and Currency Segment

Day 1-2

Course Agenda

Trading: The difference between the professional and novice trader.

Understanding the fundamentals of risk and reward in trading, Market Terminology

Be able to decode the language of big traders, Economic Reports

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Day 3-6

Trading Styles

Everyone is different, find what trading style fits you best, Trading principle Set-ups

Recognizing trade set-ups and understanding the supply and real demand.

Trends: The origin of trend reversal, stronger trend, weaker trend

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Day 7-8

Order Types

Understand four key order types and the purpose for each

Relation between volume distribution and unfilled order. The unfilled order identification tools 3 & 4

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Day 9-10

Risk & Reward Management

Understand the power of risk reward ratio and compounding return.

Learn how to measure the reward to risk ratios quality of the trade set up. Breakout Trading Tactics.

Market breakouts, re-tests and the power of using the trend The Complete Trader.

Overview of each asset class and how the professional trader leverage them.

Quantification based on inbuilt risk reward.

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Stock market investment

always has big risk, therefore students are advised to attain this knowledge from JS Educare Course So as to minimise the risk involved with minimum loss & maximum profit

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