It Includes Basic, Advance & Expert Level for Intraday Trading or Positional Trading in Equity,Derivatives(F&O), Commodity and Currency Segment


Day 1-2

Course Agenda

  • Trading: The difference between the professional and novice trader.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of risk and reward in trading, Market Terminology
  • Be able to decode the language of big traders, Economic Reports
  • Know what information to look for and why it is important.
  • Understand the components of trading, Charts: How the market really works.
  • Power of price action, time frames, charting, candlestick basics, Supply and Demand- The location of unfilled order, the principle of price reversal.
  • Learn how the markets really work and the psychology of amateur trades.

Day 3-6

Trading Styles

  • Everyone is different, find what trading style fits you best, Trading principle Set-ups
  • Recognizing trade set-ups and understanding the supply and real demand.
  • Trends: The origin of trend reversal, stronger trend, weaker trend, understanding primary and secondary trend, find out early trend reversal.
  • Different entry types based on location, trend and broader market.
  • Rule based target define, unfilled order identification tools 1 & 2
  • Learn how to increase the tools on low risk, high reward, high probability trading, Trade Management
  • The strategy for moving stops, taking your profits and leaving your trade alone, Putting it All Together
  • Step by step check-list for buying and selling using all components of the Trading principle.

Day 7-8

    Order Types

  • Understand four key order types and the purpose for each
  • Relation between volume distribution and unfilled order. The unfilled order identification tools 3 & 4

Day 9-10

Risk & Reward Management

  • Understand the power of risk reward ratio and compounding return.
  • Learn how to measure the reward to risk ratios quality of the trade set up. Breakout Trading Tactics.
  • Market breakouts, re-tests and the power of using the trend The Complete Trader.
  • Overview of each asset class and how the professional trader leverage them.
  • Quantification based on inbuilt risk reward.

Day 11

  • Volume
  • Demand Zone volume co-relation
  • Supply zone and volume co-relation
  • Break out and volume co-relation

Day 12-15

Exit Strategies Part II

  • Learning Trailing Stop Strategies using ATR and other Technical Stop Exit Strategies Indicators
  • The rhythm of the trading day and its impact on volume, asset classes and gaps Trading Gaps
  • Recognizing novice gaps and pro gaps and the power of trading gaps. Trend reversal gap and continuation gap.
  • The proper use of, divergence, RSI, Understanding divergence and its possibility for advance trading. False signal with time correlation.
  • Stand together to identify confirmation signal and false signal.
  • RSI: Identification of momentum picking time in advance.

Day 16-17

  • Live Trading Tests
  • Apply all you have learned Written Test
  • Test your skills in your written exam Trade Plan Presentation
  • Learn how to plan a trade from start to finish, the winning skills
  • Understand the skills that you need going forward.

Day 18-19

  • Class Survey
  • Unfilled order identification tools 5 & 6
  • Co-relations with Supply and Demand
  • Putting Supply and Demand with all unfilled order identification tools all together
  • Putting Supply and Demand with unfilled order identification tools

Days 20-21

  • Unfilled order identification tools 7 & 8.
  • Future set-up
  • Combination with Supply & Demand location
  • Combination with Market trend, volatility index, dollar index , supply & demand , RSI
  • Trailing stop loss
  • Entry and Exit strategy
  • Position limit,

Days 22

  • Combination of zone, RSI, volume, pattern, time, trend all together.
  • The secrete set up.
  • Use of RSI as unfilled order identification tools 9

Days 23

  • Options Basics
  • Choosing Options over Stocks
  • Definitions and Terminology
  • Calls Puts
  • Charts, Diagrams and Pay-off Graphs
  • Types of Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Time Value and Price Decay
  • Pricing and Volatility Analysis
  • The Greeks

Days 24

  • Understanding Black Scholes model and application.

Days 25

  • Building a Trading Plan
  • Buying and Selling Puts and Calls
  • Covered Calls
  • Strike Selection
  • Stock Selection Process.


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